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The story of the Riverbank b&b

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

History of the Riverbank

The Riverbank has a long and rich history. The New Inn was built circa 1839, making it the second oldest building in the smallest town in the UK. The riverbank has always been an Inn through out its 182 years.

The Pub

The Riverbank has been a licensed premises since it was built.The pub would be a host to a wide variety of people, from the locals, to people who travelled from across the country, and now people from across the globe who participate in some of the strangest sports hosted in Llanwrtyd.

Surrounding area

Llanwrtyd became renowned in 1732 after Reverend Theophilius Evans found a stream of sulphur water which he claimed had healing properties. Llanwrtyd became a huge tourist area after the railway station was built, bringing thousands of people who wanted to benefit from the healing properties of the water. This created the demand for many guesthouses and hotels.

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